Daily Link: Lakers vs. Nets and Dwight Howard

Be prepared for the next big “where will this player go” debate vis a vis Dwight Howard. Howard has already hinted about his interest in the West Coast, but Deron Williams has constantly talked about recruiting other stars for the Nets and there’s no bigger star available in 2012 than Dwight Howard. Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher debate the Lakers/Nets match-up over at ESPN (Insider access only). Bucher seems to think the Nets have a shot, but Broussard sees Howard in LA, and he actually makes a decent point as to why:

Dwight and Deron would be fabulous together, and by the time Dwight got there, the team would either be in Brooklyn or just a few months away. But Dwight is better suited for Los Angeles. With his goofy personality, I’m not sure he would enjoy the constant scrutiny and pressure that comes with playing in New York. It’s very possible that he’d “lose the fun.”

I think it’s dangerous for anyone to assume right now that the Nets are a lock to get Howard, so it’s good to keep Broussard’s perspective in mind here.