Daily Link: Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephen Graham

As a final farewell to the regular season, Anthony Schneck of Ology.com examines the worst of 10-11. Not surprisingly, Stephen Graham was named LVP of the entire league. Here’s what Schneck had to say about Graham:

Wait, you mean to say that you’ve never heard of Stephen Graham, small forward for the New Jersey Nets? Why, he’s one of the top twelve players for the best basketball team in New Jersey! He ranked dead last in John Hollinger’s PER rankings this year, and that only tells part of the story. Just reading his PER stats is an exercise in hilarity. His “Value Added,” for example, was negative 87.2. A “replacement player,” which is a hypothetical, average player of the same position, would technically bring more to the table than Graham. That’s right, an imaginary player would serve the Nets better than Graham does. Beyond his Value Added, Hollinger calculates that Graham’s “Estimated Wins Added” is negative 2.9. Theoretically, the Nets could have won three more games this season if they had simply cut Stephen Graham.

Ouch. Stephen Graham’s futility has been well documented on this site and many others. Luckily for us, Graham is not part of Nets’ basketball and is probably not going to be a part of the NBA anymore. So farewell, Mr. Graham.