Daily Links: Joe Johnson Q&A

Fresh of the heels of Joe Johnson week, Zach Lowe of SI.com caught up with the new Brooklyn Net and spoke with him on a number of different topics, including New York City and its absurd living costs.

Also this, on the Nets upcoming expectations:

SI.com: So is the goal to win a championship in Year 1? Or do you look at Miami and think, “Wow, even they needed a year to figure it out and gel”?

Johnson: That’s what we are shooting for — the ring. There’s no need to sell ourselves short. You talk about gelling and figuring it out, and I think we have the perfect pieces: a great point guard, a great center. I don’t think any of our positions are the same or overlap at all.

Anyway, take a look at the full transcript as it’s definitely a peak inside Johnson’s brain about his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Some more Johnson news from today: In the latest edition of ESPN.com’s Summer Forecast, Johnson was selected by experts as both one of the Best Newcomers and as one of the worsts.