Daily Link: It’s All New and Needs Chemistry

The topic dujour after Wednesday’s loss to the Rockets where the possible chemistry issues of the teams. With only four returning players from 2009-10, the early struggles of newcomers like Anthony Morrow and Travis Outlaw may be the byproduct of them not gelling with their teammates yet.

“We’ve only had five games together as well as numerous practices,” Harris said. “It’s going to take a little time, but we’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

With only 11 team assists on Wednesday, Devin Harris admitted he needs to do a better job as PG:

“It’s my job to get him open looks,” Harris said. “My penetration is going to be very vital to him getting open 3-point looks.”

I was admittingly a little harsh on the new Nets in my recap of Wednesday’s game. I understand that we as fans need to give them more time. However, I don’t see these chemistry issues being solved anytime soon. The team is trying to break in a raw rookie while their starting PF Troy Murphy likely won’t suit up until some time in November because of injury. While I appreciate the chemistry lesson, after last year, I don’t think this team and fanbase can afford to get off to another dreadful start this season. As we learned this summer, free agents want to go where they can win with each other. They’re not going to be seduced by a Russian billionaire, a rapper and a new arena.