Daily Link: It Will Take Time With D-Will

It’s been three games and three losses since Deron Williams came aboard, including last night’s absolute heartbreaker. But as is the case quite often in professional sports, time is needed for things to gel. Paul Sondhi of Whoop De Damn Doo takes a look at some early DWill returns and gives some opinions:

He’ll soon know who is reliable and who isn’t, when he needs to pass and when he needs to get his, and most importantly: how to develop a solid two-man game with Brook Lopez. Early in his first game as a Net on Friday night, Deron had a few missed passes simply because he hasn’t had enough time to learn how his teammates play. By the end of that game he was running a solid pick-and-pop with Kris Humphries and learned that Anthony Morrow is the best shooter in the NBA this side of Ray Allen. In time he and Brook should develop a lethal pick-and-roll, à la Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire. It may never be as potent as that combination, but it will certainly be an integral part of the Nets offense.

Agreed. Would have loved to see a win notched next to the Nets and DWill for obvious reasons, but this is going to take time and my guess is more changes are coming for this roster before the beginning of next season.