Daily Link: How to Sell Newark

It’s a stated fact that the Nets move to the Prudential Center in Newark is a temporary one until the Barclays Center in Brooklyn opens. So how do the Nets sell a transitional arena to the buying public? According to a Wall Street Journal article, while the Nets (and the Devils) are constantly trying to innovate ways to sell tickets, they’re eyes remain on the big prize in Brooklyn:

“Unfortunately, New Jersey never gave the team enough support on a consistent basis,” said Fred Mangione, the Nets senior vice president of ticket sales and marketing, though he added, “We market and sell in New Jersey like we’re never leaving.”


“It’s all about Brooklyn and it’s all about the building,” said Mr. Mangione, who said the team has commitments for 30 suites, though they have not begun selling regular tickets to the new building. “Yes, the team is there, but it’s just as important for us to pitch the concerts and the boxing and everything else.”

It’s a tricky two-step for the Nets organization. They were wise to get away from the Izod Center, but it’s obviously difficult for them to embrace The Rock, and vice versa. Mangione’s argument that Jersey never embraced the Nets is difficult to counter considering the empty seats even during the team’s playoff run. And even now, getting good seats in Newark is as simple as going to stubhub the day of the game and getting tickets at a very reduced price.