Daily Link: Getting Favors Into Things

For a while now, the NAS team has been  clamoring for a little more Derrick Favors. Just inserting him into the starting lineup wasn’t enough. If he’s going to evolve into a legitimate NBA PF, the team is going to have to take some risks and run some plays for him.

In his report from practice yesterday, Pete Caldera of North Jersey.com says Avery Johnson may be looking to finally do that with Favors:

One difference Johnson feels he can make now is to get Favors more into the offensive flow.

“I’m going to make a concentrated effort … to run a few more plays for him now,” Johnson said. “No matter what the success rate is, he needs to touch the ball a little bit more.”

The key phrase there is no matter the success rate, because let’s be honest, the Nets have been afraid to take the kid gloves off Favors because they’re still not 100% sure what they got in a player here. I appreciate the desire to win games, but doing in this way has resulted in just 15 wins for the team, so it’s not like they’re going to get much worse giving Favors a few touches instead of maybe watching Travis Outlaw pump fake his way into another 3-10 night.