Daily Link: Feedback from the Nets’ Draft Combine

As some of you may know, the Nets hosted a draft combine in conjunction with the Knicks and the 76ers on Saturday. Most of the players who attended are considered to be second round talent. Ryan Feldman of The Hoops Report gives us the inside scoop on what scouts are thinking after the event.

From Feldman’s sources, none of the big men in the combine were impressive. However, many of the wing players were mentioned by multiple NBA scouts, including College of Charleston’s Andrew Goudelock, San Diego State’s Malcolm Thomas, Providence’s Jamine Peterson, Louisiana Tech’s Olu Ashaolu and Rhode Island’s Delroy James.

The general gist of the combine seemed to be that there were no future stars who attended. Most of the guys who attended are hoping for a second round selection, and some may not even get that. Hopefully, the Nets found a diamond in the rough and know something that the other teams don’t.