Daily Link: Favors vs. Cousins Goes On and On

Dave D. is the latest pundit/blogger/writer/fan/etc. to dissect the Favors/Cousins debate for the Nets. According to D’Alessandro’s report the Nets are a bit dismayed by the fact that they don’t have a slam dunk with the third pick, especially if John Wall and Evan Turner are off the board at that point:

The Nets are leaning toward Derrick Favors, but from what we can tell, they are also convinced that there is no way the Georgia Tech kid is ready to start – not this year, perhaps not until the middle of his second year.

Which means they’re still going to have to sign a veteran four to ride shotgun with Brook Lopez while we wait for one of these guys to develop. Or they could take Wesley Johnson, who’s the inferior player in their eyes but could probably step into the rotation more quickly, Dave D. implies.

From my perspective, you take the best player for the long-term when you have the third pick. And while Derrick Favors may take a few years to grow into his role, so be it. I know the advocates for DeMarcus Cousins are especially vociferous it seems, but come on… intangibles do matter. I’m not saying he’s guaranteed to be the next Derrick Coleman, but why take that risk when you know it’s out there?