Daily Link: Favors Impresses

Well, despite seemingly looking to move him in almost every Carmelo Anthony-trade scenario, Avery Johnson and the Nets seem to continually express wonderment to the kid’s raw tools. Today Fred Kerber captures a highlight from the week:

Rookie Derrick Favors sought to establish position on the right block. Kris Humphries, from behind, tried to force Favors away from the basket.

Favors put his right arm into Humphries’ chest, shoved and sent the six-year veteran stumbling. Offensive foul? Probably. Impressive move? Definitely.

Meanwhile, Johnson, while gushing, throws cold water and references Benoit Benjamin again:

” ‘Potential.’ He can potentially get there,” Johnson said, reminding that for every great player who once flashed potential, there was an equal bust who fell short (he referenced Benoit Benjamin).

I really want to see what Favors can do in a Nets uniform. One would think, with the way talks collapsed with Denver, that they would no longer hold the leverage in talks with the Nets as they seemingly did last week, especially if Favors comes out of the gate and can find ways to contribute.