Daily Link: DwightBound?

Recently, a few Nets fans have set up a website called DwightBound, aimed at (what else?) the Nets’ interest in that Orlando Magic guy: Dwight Howard.

The site as of now is relatively plain and contains some grammatical errors (Alot, anyone?). However, it includes some quotes by Deron Williams that show optimism over the superstar guard staying in New Jersey, as well as this message from the site’s creators:

The New Jersey Nets are preparing for their last season in New Jersey after a 2011 season in which they doubled their win total. But the headline from this season will be all about acquiring All Star PG Deron Williams. D Will instantly changed the culture and direction of the franchise. D Will averaged close to 13 Assists per game once arriving in New Jersey. Dwight Howard and D Will would bring instant credibilty back to the Nets and make for an Exciting Last Season at “The Rock” The Nets would surely be on their way to being Contenders for their opening season in Brooklyn. Just Imagine a Williams-Howard Combo in Jersey, Its one the rest of the league would hope is only a dream.

I think that it’s great to see Nets’ fans publicly campaigning for Dwight on the Internet. The Nets have been known to have a small fanbase, so hopefully this adds some credibility to the franchise’s reputation. As for Dwight, the Magic are getting destroyed by the Hawks right now and will likely lose the series, despite the big win last night. Howard has to be somewhat upset at this fact, especially because it is unlikely that the Magic can get much better this offseason. He has to be thinking about Deron a little bit, right?