Daily Link: Don’t Mess With the Russian

In an article that went up just as the Nets were shocking the NBA yesterday and acquiring Deron Williams from Utah, CNBC’s Darren Rovell shared an interview he had with Nets owner during all-star weekend. In addition to some of the expected Prokhorov quotes about his championship aspirations and the state of the Nets, the Russian also had a unique challenge for the reporter:

What happened off camera with Prokhorov was equally as fascinating. Prokhorov challenged me in hand-eye coordination moves from the Tibetan mixed martial arts discipline of Tescao. I, of course, couldn’t do any one of them. He told me he was working on perfecting about 1,000 of the moves. By the time I met him at 10 am that morning, he had already worked out – twice!

Hilarious. It’s a good interview with Prokhorov as well, as the guy continues to come across as strong and knowledgeable in public.