Daily Link: Devin Harris Interview

It’s easy to get caught up with the new player acquisitions and the development of young guys like Brook Lopez and Terrence Williams, but remember, at one point last year, for better or worse, this was Devin Harris’ team and in many ways, it still is. NJNETS.com has posted an interview with Devo on their Facebook page. As one would expect, it sounds like Harris is getting ready to move on from last season:

“I look at the team that we had, and some of the games we were losing, it was just mental. We were in a lot of games – though we got our butts kicked our fair share, too – but we just made mental mistakes down the stretch. That’ll change with a new season. Coming back, we’ve got a lot of new guys. You look at last year and move forward.”

You would have to think that if Harris was playing like an all-star for most of last year, the Nets would never have been flirting with the worst record of all time. I think Harris’ performance out of the gate will go a long way in determining if he’s really that special kind of a player we all saw in 2008-09, or if that season was a bit of fluke.