Daily Link: Deron Pro-Nets?

Ric Bucher’s ESPN chats always seem to provide an interesting tidbit about the Nets, and today’s was no exception. When asked a question about Deron Williams re-signing with New Jersey, Bucher responded with:

– Getting Dwight Howard would do a lot, but upgrading the roster in general will be the biggest factor. From what I hear, Deron’s family already has been out house-hunting and he regularly texts with Billy King about players that would be good to add to their team. That, at least, sounds like a guy looking to stay.

Huh. This, to me, seems more credible than sportswriters clinging to a silly narrative of a Russian oligarch hanging Deron out of the window of a G5.

I’ve had a nagging feeling recently that Deron hasn’t really become a part of this team yet, he’s more just a hired gun to lead a band of nobodies. But this sounds more like a guy who’s in tune with the franchise and preparing it for an overhaul. I know that last year we knew that the team would be facing a complete change in identity, but things like this coupled with the impending move to Brooklyn make me think that we may see an even bigger one in these next two years.