Daily Link: Could A Three-Way Bring Melo to the Nets?

Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes on a rumored three-way deal between the Nets, Sixers and Nuggets that would yield the Nets Carmelo Anthony, while shipping out Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. The Nets are reportedly “working the hardest” in the league to get a deal done with Denver:

A package sending Anthony to the Nets, Favors to Philadelphia and Iguodala to Denver is one way all of these moving parts could come together. But Thorn is said to have reservations about such a deal, which has yet to rise to the level of discussion among the teams.

Speaking solely from a fan’s perspective, I’m leaning more and more away from wanting to include Derrick Favors in any deal for any player at this point. If this kid evolves into the stud PF some have predicted he would, the Nets would need to import a cornerstone player, they will already have one on their roster. It seems silly to me that Denver continues to ask for the moon and stars for ‘Melo, when they essentially hold no leverage in these talks. If they elect to keep him they’ll lose him for nothing next summer, or he’ll become enough of a distraction that the team is not going to succeed.  It’s very sad for the new Nuggets GM to have to trade their franchise player in his first major move, but such is life. I don’t think the Nets should give away Favors to make Denver’s front office feel better about themselves.