Daily Link: Blame Denver … for Everything

We should just rename this site Carmelo Anthony is Scorching, because quite frankly, until this trade silliness is resolved, is there really anything to talk about (maybe I can do another defensive breakdown on Stephen Graham for the 12 people who read that).

So the merry-go-round continues. In the past 24 hours, the Nets went from laughingstock to “back in this thing” again. The problem? The Nuggets, according to the AP. In an article that’s sure to appear in every newspaper without a proper sports writing team around the country (that’s a lot folks), the AP reports that Denver’s front office just can’t seem to agree on a package for dealing ‘Melo, and THAT’S holding up the deal, not Anthony’s willingness to extend with the Nets.

New Jersey has offered to ship six players and at least two first-round draft picks to Denver in the deal that would send Anthony to the Nets along with former Pistons teammates Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton.

But the teams haven’t been able to agree on the exact price that will persuade the Nuggets to finally part with their franchise player.

As for that meeting that ‘Melo apparently doesn’t want to have with Mikhail Prokhorov? Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News believes the Nets have permission, and if the meeting HASN’T ALREADY TAKEN PLACE (?!?), it will over the next few days when the Russian Billionaire is in town.

I know a lot of people are killing the Nets front office in all of this, and I get that. But this is just total amateur hour from Denver’s front office. They haven seemingly been on the fence about trading their star for months now. Remember, it was Denver who backed out of the talks early in the Fall that would have sent Anthony to the Nets before the season started. I still don’t like the idea that Prokhorov and Anthony have to meet – I don’t get why this guy, at this point, wants to be wooed or convinced of anything. With that said, the sooner Denver gets off the pot, the sooner we can get our answers here.