Daily Link: Billy King Looking to Deal

In an interview with beat reporters yesterday, Nets GM Billy King said regardless of where Carmelo Anthony is trying pressure Denver to trade him, with the Nets struggling as they are, he’s looking to make some deals to improve the team moving forward:

“We’ll probably do some deals before the deadline, I’m pretty sure,” King said. “When you have your record like we are, you’ve got to do some things to get better.”

Meanwhile, Anthony is denying a report that he only plans to sign an extension with the Knicks, keeping the circular nature of this story continuing:

“Yes,” Anthony said of there still being a possibility he could sign the extension with the Nuggets. “Yes, it is. My options are open. That doesn’t mean I’m not (going to sign it with Denver). That doesn’t mean I am. My options are open.”

There are other players in the NBA besides Carmelo Anthony, so I’m curious to see who Billy King thinks he can acquire and what the price would be. As for the ‘Melo silliness, it still seems like the Nets had the best package to offer Denver. The longer this goes, the less likely I think he comes here as there seems to be a number of factors going against the Nets that have nothing against the package of players they are offering Denver.