Daily Link: Bargains and Overpays for Nets

In an interesting piece on ESPN Insider (subscribers only folks), Tom Haberstroh looks at this summer’s best and worst contracts and the Nets make it for one of each. As a bargain, Haberstroh lists Anthony Morrow, who the Nets signed for 3 years/$12 million:

It’s tough to imagine why the Warriors have no interest in retaining a cheap, young commodity such as Morrow, but then again, we are talking about the Warriors. In New Jersey, Morrow joins a crowded perimeter with Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams on the wing, but it would make a lot of sense for the Nets to deal Williams to a team willing to stomach his erratic play.

As for an overpay, as many readers here have posted, Travis Outlaw and his 5 year/$35 million contract are listed, though despite being on a “best” and “worst” list, Haberstroh offers a wishy-washy response for the Outlaw signing:

Paying $35 million for a veteran bench player won’t cripple a franchise’s cap flexibility, but the length and dollars could be particularly dangerous for the rebuilding Nets organization.

And not that I’m personally in love with the money Outlaw got (though I like him as a player), if we’re talking about overpaying for the SF position, how does that absurd contract Rudy Gay got not get a mention?