Daily Link: Back From China

Al Iannazzone gives a great breakdown of the Nets Chinese trip and notes while the team may talk of a great experience at practice today, there are scores of questions on the basketball side. Outside of Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, no one seems to know what the identity of this team is, and Iannazzone is spot on about Terrence Williams in his column:

The problem is that, aside from Terrence Williams, most of the other players are shooters. Also a problem is that Williams, who isn’t a shooter, tried to be one in China. He took eight more shots than Lopez and 18 more than Harris. That’s far too many for Williams, a spectacular athlete who is at his best setting up his teammates or getting to the basket. Williams didn’t do that enough in China, but scored 36 points, second most on the trip behind Lopez’s 42. Teams are going to let Williams shoot jumpers all he wants. It’s not a good thing for the Nets if he’s a volume shooter, as it’s not his strength.

It’s a delicate balance with TWill and I think he’s on the wrong side of things right now. But he’s also one of the few players on this team who seems capable of making his own shot.