Daily Link: Avery Johnson FTW!

I know I haven’t been the kindest person to Avery Johnson’s Little General ways, but here’s a case where his swagger and hard headedness comes across as leadership, at least from my perspective. When asked to follow-up on LeBron James’ ridiculous comments about contracting the Nets and the T’Wolves, Avery had this to offer:

“I disagree,” Johnson said Sunday. “Maybe the league would be better if we didn’t have three stars on one team.”

Well played Mr. Johnson. I’m still a bit shocked that LeBron said what he did in the first place, though I guess after his summer of egomania, the filter is officially turned off on the prince. I’d like to say karma has a way to catching up with people like LeBron, but if that was the case, Bill Belicheat and the Pats wouldn’t have just clinched home field advantage in the NFL playoffs, so yeah….