Daily Link: Are you Tired of Carmelo Talk Yet?

Ok, ok, one more link I promise (fingers crossed). What do you expect? It’s the middle of August and the team’s roster is essentially set. Daily News beat guy Stefan Bondy implores the Nets to bring Carmelo Anthony to Jersey/Brooklyn. Will the DN make a web site “Get Melo.com?” Anyway, Bondy says with the Nets young core, tradeable assets and aggressive ownership, they have what it takes to trump the Knicks this summer:

If Carmelo Anthony is going to be traded and he’s , as reported, the Nets are in a much better position to land him than the Knicks, or many other teams, for that matter. … Here’s the caveat, however: The Nets can’t mortgage their future for Anthony unless he’s willing to sign an extension. So get it done with a sign-and-trade!!