Daily Link: Are the Playoffs Doable

Deron Williams is back on the court tonight, and he was impressed by his team’s performance without him. Now the idea is to finish the season strong and to maybe make a run at the postseason:

“Definitely. (The Playoffs are) definitely doable,” Williams said. “I know we have a lot of tough opponents, but anything is possible.”

The Nets are 6 games out with 18 to go. Realistically, if the Pacers and Bobcats play at or below .500 the rest of the way the Nets probably needs to go around 15-3 to make up that ground. They have Chicago on the schedule twice, Boston tonight, Miami one more time, Orlando on the road, and the Knicks twice. The Nets are going to have upset some teams and not have any letdowns against the Minnesotas/Detroits/Milwaukees of the NBA. Possible? Yes. Likely, no.

Personally, I’d love to see this team get to 30 wins. That’s 9-9 over their last 18, which given the strength of schedule, is doable.