Daily Link: And It’s Back To Favors for the Nets

So after a three-day period where the Nets appeared to be going every which way with their draft picks and assets, this morning, there seems to be some universal belief that the Nets were going to take the guy they were projected to grab at #3 from the get-go – Derrick Favors …. maybe.

In Al Iannazzone’s write-up, Favors appears the favorite, though there’s still a problem in that Mikhail Prokhorov wants to “win now” and the organization may not be able to wait on Favors to develop. So, the alternative is taking the older and more polished Wesley Johnson and sign a PF in free agency.

But who knows what’s going to happen on draft day. As NetsDaily reminds us in their preview this morning, the Nets have pulled off major trades on two consecutive draft days – swapping Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons in 2008, and the Vince Carter trade last summer. Julian Garcia thinks Yi could move tonight, though Devin Harris is still a possibility as well. And what’s the deal with Chris Paul?

I think, this is without a doubt the most interesting draft day for the Nets in years, and they haven’t even made a major deal yet unless you consider dumping the Shakespeare of Twitter for a bag of magic beans major. My expectations for activity are mixed. On one hand, I could see a major, major roster shakeup happening tonight, though I could also see the Nets hold serve, draft Favors, and then enter free agency with a more conventional core to build around. The rumors lately have concerned me in that it feels a little Knickerbockeresque in approach – blow through every asset the organization has just in pipedream of an attempt to woo LeBron and a buddy to the Nets.