Daily Link: A Look at Coach Krystkowiak

While we’ve heard a lout about the team’s new players, new owner and new head coach, one of the biggest changes for the organization this summer has been the dramatic improvement in the team’s coaching staff. One of those new additions, assistant coach Larry Krystkowiak, has head coaching experience in Milwaukee and after reading this latest piece from Ben Couch, seems like a legitimately great guy who is going to be a real asset to the organization:

“I’ve always been a big fan of trying to get a little bit better every day,” Krystkowiak says. “That’s a personal goal for me. And I don’t have all the answers – don’t have close to all the answers. I’d love to pick up something each day that can help me get better at my job. And also be challenged with the players on the team, to make sure they’re doing the same thing. Really, I’ve been pretty fortunate having that mentality and that philosophy: bigger picture things tend to work themselves out when you focus on the day-to-day stuff. If that means head coach down the road, great. If not, I’m not getting restless and wanting anything to do with that. I’m just one day at time, and I’m real content with that philosophy.”