D-Will’s Biggest Struggle Off The Court

Deron Williams

Much has been made of Deron Williams’ shooting struggles since he joined the then-New Jersey, now-Brooklyn Nets: a 46.6% career shooter in Utah, Williams has shot just 39.8% from the field since joining the Nets franchise in 2010. But while we dissect Williams’ on-court performance, the Daily News reported last night that he tackles a much bigger social issue off the court: raising autism awareness with his Point of Hope Foundation.

Williams’ 3-year-old adopted son D.J., coincidentally born in the official Nets hospital to parents from Brooklyn, was diagnosed with autism roughly 18 months ago, shaking Williams right in the midst of figuring out his next major career move. According to Stefan Bondy, “a highly regarded school for autistic children in New York helped sway his decision.”

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