D-Will doesn’t know if he’ll re-sign, then knows, then his mom doesn’t know

(via Andy Vasquez)

Enter full convolution. Deron Williams says he doesn’t know what he’s doing next year, then says that “nobody” knows what he’s doing next year “but him,” indicating that he does know what he’s doing next year but hasn’t told anyone, then implies that it’s such a secret that not even his mom knows what he’s doing next year.

This discourse confusion could be related to a missing context clue — maybe Williams is saying that “nobody (knows) but him” to really clarify that nobody would know unless they were him, and since not even he knows, nobody knows. On the other hand, it’s possible Williams knows exactly what he’s doing and just hasn’t told anyone yet. I’m just not sure what I know or he knows. You know?

The only thing that’s crystal clear: Deron Williams’ mom has no idea what Deron is doing next year.