D-Will: “Brook is our center”

via the New York Daily News:

When Deron Williams caught wind of the latest Dwight Howard trade rumors, he felt compelled to chat with his teammate, Brook Lopez, who is always on the other side of these things.

“You can’t get a break, huh?” Williams told him. “No matter what you do.”

Lopez is having the best season of his career, blossoming into an aggressive defender and an All-Star candidate. The Nets are a lot happier with having Lopez over Howard – who has become a running joke amongst players – than they were last season.

“We’re happy with Brook,” Williams said. “Brook is our center. He’s having an All-Star year. I don’t see Brook going anywhere.”

As the Daily News reported Wednesday, the Lakers have been turning down trade inquiries about Howard. The feeling around the league is the Lakers will call Howard’s bluff and re-sign him in the offseason.

Still, there’s always a chance the Lakers can change their mind and deal Howard before the Feb. 21 deadline.

“(Lopez and I) talked about it last night,” Williams said. “All it is is rumors and sources. Sources are not credible to me. Until you put a name to a source, it’s not credible.

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