Culture remains a priority on NBA Draft night for Brooklyn

Elizabeth Swinton/Managing Editor
Elizabeth Swinton/Managing Editor

Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson don’t waste any time when it comes to introducing prospective players to the Brooklyn Nets’ system, and that was no exception to the team’s No. 22 pick of Thursday night’s NBA Draft in Jarrett Allen. 

The freshman coming out of the University of Texas did not work out for the Nets, but did interview with the team Wednesday night. When asked if team culture came into the conversation, Allen was quick to say yes. 

“Yes, they said they wanted high- character individuals, people that are not going to bring toxicity to the team,” Allen said.

That idea is now in Allen’s brain from the get-go, and that jives with what the team has set this past season. Jeremy Lin said at locker cleanout this year that players in the league have come to him talking about that culture, and Allen is the latest addition. 

Allen has some work to do to get there. He admitted after he was drafted that he has not watched many Nets games, and he’s not too familiar with how Brooklyn plays. 

When it comes to skill, it looks like Allen will blend in well with Brooklyn’s system.

“Mostly defensive, like blocking shots, guarding pick-and-rolls, just doing everything on that end,” Allen said on his skill set. “And then on the offensive game, I have a pretty basic skill set, just kind of back to the basket, trying to work on my face-up game and shot.”

While Brooklyn may be a bit busier than what Allen is used to, a new atmosphere can allow him to flourish. With Brook Lopez off to the Lakers, Allen knows the opportunity is there.

“I mean, that opens up another spot for me to go in and play,” Allen said.

Allen is looking forward to adding to the young talent on the team as well.

“Having young players, I feel like it creates good chemistry,” Allen said. “You don’t have older players, everybody has the same goal of trying to become the best they can. So it’s going to be good for me.”

Allen fits the Brooklyn mold in his play, but his character is what is truly defining as a member of the team. His addition to the team is just the latest example that when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets, character and culture will be known loud and clear.