Could C.J. Miles Join Deron Williams and the Nets?

Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld is reporting that the Nets and Utah Jazz have discussed a trade that would send one of Deron Williams’ closest friends in the NBA, C.J. Miles, to New Jersey in exchange for Anthony Morrow and Johan Petro. The trade would open up more cap space during the offseason with both Morrow ($8 million left up to 2012-13 season) and Petro ($6.75 million up to 2012-13) off the books along with Miles expiring (3.7 this year), freeing up almost $11 million for next season.

While it would be great to get rid of Petro’s contract, it would be bittersweet with the departure of Morrow, easily the Nets’ best shooter, as well as a player Dwight Howard said he’d like to play with while he was touring in Russia last offseason. If/When Howard joins the Nets, Morrow’s ability to hit the open jumper, particularly from behind the arc, would be a great asset to create more space down low for Howard (and possibly Brook Lopez if he’s still with the team). Swapping out Morrow and putting in Jordan Farmar, who has a $4.25 million player option for next season, would be more desirable for the Nets, but not a more attractive piece from the Jazz’s point of view.

This trade scenario is most likely contingent on any trade involving D12 for the Nets. If the Orlando Magic look like they’ll keep Howard, then the clearing of cap space commences for the Nets and we very well may be saying “goodbye” to Morrow and “don’t let the door hit you in the @%$” to Petro. Only a day and 5.5 hours left, my friends.