CONTEST! Nets Trivia

Alright, Mark alluded to it yesterday, and here it is.  We got our hands on 4 tickets to tomorrow’s Nets vs. Celtics game at the Prudential Center, and we are going to be giving them out to you, the reader.  So here is how it is going to work, we are going to ask a Nets trivia question here, and the first one to e-mail the correct answer to [email protected] gets two tickets to tomorrow night’s game.  Here we go:

Who was the last Nets number to be retired?

Alright.  Remember, don’t answer the question in the comments.  E-mail the answer to [email protected].  You will get an e-mail back from me if you won.  Good luck!

P.S.  We are going to be doing another question at some point today, so keep checking back here.