Contest: Game 2 of The BK Playoff Game

Well, Game 1 went well. So we’re looking positive for Game 2 of “The BK Playoff Game”! Instead of relying on a streak, this game is points-based, and we’ll have a new one for every round of the playoffs — even if the Nets don’t advance.

Here’s how to play:

1. To make your prediction for each event, select “YES” or “NO.” Instead of building a streak, you’ll earn points for each correct pick, and riskier predictions earn more. (Note: you must log into Facebook to play.) There are three chances for every game, and if you pick incorrectly, you won’t lose any points — you just won’t gain any.

For example: if you pick “YES” for “Brooklyn will beat Chicago by 6 or more points,” and it happens, you’ll win 4 points. If you pick “NO,” and Brooklyn wins by five or fewer points, or Chicago wins, you’ll win 6 points.

2. The player with the most points in each round wins a trophy and cash prize. Follow game results on the leaderboard.

The players with the three highest point totals at the end of each round win a trophy and an Amazon Gift Card, and become part of The Brooklyn Game lore.

Read all rules for the contest here. Good luck!