Congrats To The Lakers!

Now I don’t usually talk about non-Nets related news, because this is in fact a Nets blog, but I do want to send my congrats to Kobe and the Lakers.  I have mixed feelings on this win.  On one hand, I really hate Kobe.  On the other, I do respect Phil Jackson, so I guess I am happy for them.  For some real analysis and thought, check out the following links:

One last thing about the series, despite only being 5 games, this is one of the most exciting series in recent memory.  Two overtime games that were very exciting.  Orlando is probably kicking themselves in the ass right now after blowing two games, but Dwight and the boys shouldn’t worry too much, because I think they will be back in the finals soon…just not next years.  Next year is going to be all about the Nets…what?  I am serious…

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