Complex: Nets 3rd-least likable NBA Team


At 26-38 and on the outside of the playoff hunt, the Brooklyn Nets aren’t very good — and they’re not particularly likable, either, according to Complex.

Complex Sports released an NBA Likability Matrix, ranking teams on their combination of basketball talent and likability, with the Nets not ranking particularly good in either. Complex put the Nets ahead of just the analytics-heavy Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets in terms of likability, and below average in basketball ability.

Even the New York Knicks rank ahead of the Nets in terms of pure liability, though that may have to do with their sudden status as a rag-tag group of young players (and they’re near the bottom in terms of basketball ability.)

At the top of the rankings? The Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks, each conference’s top team. No surprise there.

Complex Sports — NBA Likability Matrix