Come See the Nets … And Get Your Kobe Jersey!

The Nets have never been the easiest sports franchise to root for, but it’s never good when the team themselves admits to it.

The Nets are offering fans who buy tickets to one of their 10-game plans, five reversible NBA jerseys featuring 10 different players. So hey, when the Nets are playing the Cavs on January 2, we can all convince Lebron to sign with us, the greatest fans on earth, by taking our Devin Harris jersey and reversing it to a Lebron jersey. Because that’s what true fans do … switch sides when they’re team is stinking up the place. Later in the season, I hear they might do a brown shopping bag promotion so the few thousand fans who are still showing up to games can hide their faces in case they’re shown on TV.

I remember when I first started following the Nets in the SportsChannel days, I would seethe when Spencer Ross and Bill Raferty would promote upcoming games by saying “come see Michael Jordan and the Bulls” or “Clyde Drexler and the Trailblazers.” Because going to see Drazen Petovic and Sam Bowie wasn’t enough.

I guess the bright side of this jersey promotion is they haven’t paired any Nets with an Eddy Curry Knicks jersey.

Posted by Mark Ginocchio