So close to a close game: Thunder down Nets in third game of Summer League

So close to a close game: Thunder down Nets in third game of Summer League

We actually had a close Summer League game! … Almost.

After one good blowout and one bad blowout, the Brooklyn Nets summer squad played mostly even with the Oklahoma City Thunder, before a barrage of three-pointers from Thunder guard Mario Little started a run that the Nets couldn’t overcome and sent them to a 98-84 loss Monday night.

The Nets won the first quarter, giving them one point in the Summer League standings. The Thunder won the second, third, and fourth quarters, giving them seven points. Both the Nets and Thunder are now 1-2 in Orlando Summer League.

As usual: we take nothing predictive from these games. They’re barely controlled chaos at a D-League level with YMCA-esque organization. We’re basically watching But here’s some instant reflections & reactions:

  • No Jorge Gutierrez today, who got a rough hit to the ribs Sunday evening. He’ll be fine, but no sense overworking a guy in games that don’t have long-term meaning.

  • Less Gutierrez meant more Marquis Teague, for whatever that was worth. Teague looked confident attacking the basket and there’s no denying he’s quick, but didn’t really do much to separate himself in a game full of players on the fringes of the NBA.

  • Someone who had no issues looking better than everyone else: Mason Plumlee, who again treated the game like he was the camp counselor. Plumlee threw in hook shots and dunks alike, and even threw two alley-lop passes to teammates. He’s just too good for this level of competition. Did not see that coming, even with his success in-season. Unfortunately, one man does not a Summer League championship make.

  • After two fun “varsity on JV”-esque moments in the first quarter, it looked like Plumlee tweaked his ankle trying to cover Jeremy Lamb on a switch. He returned without incident.

  • Head of the rookie class Markel Brown had that highlight you see above and played some good defense on Jeremy Lamb, but wasn’t much of a factor otherwise.
  • He probably won’t play much in the NBA, but I like Cory Jefferson and his potential to play both sides of the floor.
  • Kyle Casey, known best as that guy you don’t know, had two pretty blocked shots, and DaJuan Summers played well before getting a technical foul called on him late in the fourth quarter.

  • Nick Minnerath, best known for his hit single “Thrift Shop,” hit a late three-pointer.