Chris Douglas-Roberts Tweets Back

The Nets have another player who’s taking his frustrations out in 140 characters or less.

After receiving some unflattering press from some of the beat guys at practice today, Chris Douglas-Roberts has been reacting on Twitter for the past two hours, taking on the media and the “fake” fans who have been spreading “hate” about CDR.

The reports CDR appears to be responding to came from the Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro and the Daily News’ Julian Garcia earlier today. In both reports, Garcia and Dave D. asked why CDR’s shot attempts are down.

“It’s a different offense. It’s a different scheme. It’s a different system. So things are a lot different. It’s as simple as that. Things are a lot different now.”

That sounds innocent enough, but both reporters appeared to be reading into CDR’s quotes today.

Dave D. writes:

This isn’t exactly a bulletin, but CDR is prone to emotional excesses.

He’s not stupid about it, however: When he blasts his team, or makes it clear that he’s tired of being associated with a feeble competitors who hit the deck as soon as the first punch is landed, he never names names. That’s not something you want to do.

And here’s Garcia’s take:

I give Douglas-Roberts a lot of credit. He answers every question, and for the most part, does it professionally. But he also does to a lot of tip-toeing, especially lately. Most of the time, you have to decode what he says.

Both reporters then use the same quote from coach Kiki Vandeweghe when they asked him about CDR’s comments. The way both articles are written, Kiki seems a bit ticked off by CDR. Dave D. even goes as far as to say the coach’s voice has an “edge” to it:

“Let me just say this,” Vandeweghe said. “There has to be more of a commitment to develop defensively. We’ll leave it at that.”

CDR is now adding more fuel to the fire in this debate via Twitter, the same social media venue Terrence Williams used recently to vent about his playing time.

Well today, I had a meeting with our head coach. Ummmm…the media is trying to make me look like a jerk. Let me tell y’all why…

So since I’m NOT giving them anything, now they’re saying I’m “insinuating” & they’re writing things that they “think” I meant to say.Hahaaa

I’m going to speak my mind.I’m passionate about this game so I don’t care if I “rub people the wrong way”. I really don’t.

This attitude has gotten me this far & I’m not changing @ all.My G makes me look good.That’s for the Nets “fans” who think I “talk to much”.

The reason I put “fans” in quotes is b/c these are the same people who said I wouldn’t be NOTHING earlier in the year.

I don’t want to confuse anybody into thinking they’re aren’t any real Nets fans. They’re are PLENTY & I appreciate y’all. Love y’all.

I guess this is nothing new for CDR. You have to love his passion for the game, but the guy also has a “me vs. the world” mentality that’s bordering on a complex. Are Dave D. and Garcia fishing a bit with CDR here – knowing that he’s good for a controversial quote when the Nets are at their worst? That’s debatable, though CDR would probably be “misinterpreted” a lot less if he didn’t come across like a guy needing suicide watch after every humiliating Nets loss. From his nobody “fouls hard” statements, to his “this team is soft” stuff, CDR does more than just speak his mind – he says things that are probably infuriating to many of his teammates who don’t appreciate being called out by a second-year player who spent most of his rookie season injured and buried on the bench.

Now, with the use of tools like Twitter, CDR can fight back against his critics instantly. But is this a good thing? “Tweeting,” away from his teammates, coaches and PR flaks, CDR has the potential to blow. I don’t think his comments compare to TWill’s from last month, but as a number of NY-area athletes from Derrick Coleman to Bobby Bonilla can tell you, taking on the NYC media is a losing battle.

CDR – if you’re reading this right now, just let this stuff go. And you can put “quotes” about my “fandom” since you probably think I’m one of those “haters” who wants to shut you down, but remember, I’ve watched all 38 of your team’s games this season, and not just because I write for a blog called Nets Are Scorching.