CHART: The Fall of Deron Williams


We say here often that the Nets go as far as Deron Williams can take them. That adage has rung true once again in the last two weeks.

Williams got out to a hot start following the ten-day layoff during the All-Star break, raising the idea that he was primed for yet another second-half surge after struggling to start the season.

But after six solid games from Williams, his production has fallen off in the last four, as shown in this chart made by The Brooklyn Game contributor Raya Lim:

Click for the full image.

As shown above, Williams has seen a decline in his production scoring, rebounding, passing, and aggressiveness in the paint, and his plus-minus has gone from a +49 in the first six games — when the Nets went 4-2 — to a -36 in his past four, all Nets losses.