Charles Barkley: “The Nets stink, man”

Charles Barkley
"You only have two teams in the East." (AP)
Charles Barkley
“You only have two teams in the East.” (AP)

Former NBA MVP and current NBA analyst Charles Barkley spoke on the Nets twice Thursday, first with Mike & Mike in the Morning about the Eastern Conference, and second on a TNT conference call.

“I don’t think they’re any good at all,” Barkley told Mike & Mike. “You only have two teams in the East. You have the Heat and you have the Pacers. I actually think that the Washington Wizards are the third best team in the Eastern Conference. But listen, it’s the Heat and the Pacers. Nobody else is any good … or worth talking about, to be honest with you.”

The Pacers swept the Nets in the season series, while the Nets have beaten the Heat in both of their matchups so far.

Later in the day, Barkley spoke with reporters on a TNT conference call, and according to AP’s Brian Mahoney, said that “the Nets stink”:

After the Nets 113-83 loss to the New York Knicks on December 5th, Barkley said on the postgame show of the Nets that “This ain’t Benjamin Button, these guys aren’t going to get younger.”

The 21-25 Nets host the San Antonio Spurs tonight at 8 P.M.

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