Celtics Fans to Nets GM Billy King: “Thank You”


The Brooklyn Nets fell to 2-11 in Boston Friday night, but that was hardly the story between these two teams. The Nets, now infamously, gave up three first-round picks and the right to swap a fourth for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry, hoping to compete for a championship.

That, of course, never came to fruition. And while the Nets toil at the bottom of the standings, everything’s looking up for the Celtics, who are tied with the Knicks for the Atlantic Division lead, and have

Andy Vasquez of the Bergen Record caught up with some Celtics fans in the upper throng of TD Garden, asking them about what they thought about the team’s current respective situations, and what message they had to give to King. You might guess the answers they gave. I highly recommend giving the whole thing a read.

Here’s one snippet:

“I scoreboard watch every night for the Nets,” said Bryan Moore, a corrections officer from Methuen, Mass., who said he’s never followed a non-Celtics team so closely. “I’m watching the Nets all the time. And the Nets are 2-[11], so it’s awesome!”

When Vasquez asked for a final message, the answer was resounding in its unanimity.

And with the Nets near the bottom of the NBA standings, Celtics fans had a clear message for them and their general manager.

“Thank you,” Goldberg said.

“Thanks a lot,” Gregory said.

“Thank you,” Moore said. “He might be out of a job in six months.”

“Thank you,” Bone said. “Thank you. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

Bergen Record — Celtics fans message to the Nets and GM Billy King: “Thank you”