CDR Tweets About The Draft…

I know a NBA player Twittering isn’t news, but when a Net is doing it, it becomes news…well to me at least.  Apparently CDR has been tweeting since April 28th, and he is pretty active (131 tweets since then).  He also responds to a lot of tweets, so you might get in touch with him.  I have given it a shot, and will keep you posted and let you know if he responds (because there really isn’t anything important to do like talk about the draft or anything).  Here is what CDR thinks of the draft.  Apparently he is a Flynn fan:

Happy with our pick. I like a lot of players in that 10-15 range. My favorite player to watch in college last season was Johnny Flynn..;-)

Interesting.  I personally want to see a PF taken, but you guys know that already.  Oh CDR wouldn’t mind one either:

I like the PF too. We’re on the same page. Our front office is great though so we’ll make a great decision.

This is almost like an interview kinda.