CDR Is Back To Work

Some positive news from Nets practice. Direct from Chris Douglas-Roberts’ Twitter feed:

Hit the gym. Was much winded. Headed to Orlando.

That’s right, the freshest baller with H1N1 is back. I’m sure the beat guys will have a report or two on this, though I’ll be curious to see how close any of them got to interview CDR. It’s unclear if Douglas-Roberts is in shape to play this weekend, but any live body at practice is a good thing these days. There’s something about practicing with chairs that’s very disconcerting.

PS – Was a big fan of CDR giving a shot-out via Twitter to the YES crew last night during the game.  For those who missed it:

@yesnetwork Feeling & looking Fresh. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NETSSSSSSSSSS! I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow. Yes yess.

Update: As promised here are practice updates from Al Iannazzone, Colin Stephenson (filling in for Dave D.), Julian Garcia and Fred Kerber.