CDR Coming Off The Bench?

Well, according to his twitter he will be tomorrow:

CD-R is officially coming off the bench now! I know that’s the best news a lot of yall Nets fans have gotten this year.

I will take a look at this in-depth tomorrow, but I think this move is for the best.  Both the Nets & CDR.  Before the year started, I said that I thought CDR had the potential to be a top 5 sixth man in the NBA, and I still do think he has the talent to do so.  He will also be playing with the second unit, which should give him more opportunities with the ball in his hands.  Now here is the question, who will start in his place?  My money is on Jarvis Hayes.  As Mark told me in an e-mail exchange (before this was announced by the way):

I still wonder what would happen if Kiki just started either Jarvis or TWill at the 3 going forward. You can then insert Hump and CDR at the same time for the second unit to give the offense a different look. You stick with the hot hand down the stretch. CDR playing with the four starters just never gets him into the flow of a game anymore. Probably Jarvis would be the best guy to start since he’s a shooter and a decent defender who doesn’t need a lot of touches to be effective.

More on this tomorrow morning.