CBS: Anonymous Nets player questioned in sexual assault case

via CBS Philadelphia:

Police sources have confirmed that a member of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and his associates are being questioned in connection with a sexual assault that allegedly happened inside a Philadelphia hotel.

According to sources, a 21-year-old female filed a complaint alleging that she was sexually assaulted inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City at about 4 a.m. Tuesday.

The female complainant was taken to an area hospital for an examination. Investigators are waiting to question the woman before any decision will be made on potential charges.

Sources say the unnamed player and his associates were taken to the Special Victims Unit for further questioning.

Update: NBC Philadelphia reports that the still-unnamed player was not directly involved in the alleged assault; he was in the suite at the time of the alleged incident, but not in the bedroom where it allegedly occurred.

In the meantime, as the player is still unnamed, I’d like to ask that we refrain from the “guessing game,” both in the comments here and in general. Sexual assault is not a topic that lends well to games.