Cavs 105, Nets 100: Postgame Quotes


Deron Williams, who left without talking to reporters

You’re not going to win many games when you get outrebounded 55-37 and give up 21 offensive rebounds. … We pulled out of a few of (Gerald’s) pet plays that he likes, especially that he ran in Charlotte. He was all over the place tonight and he really gave us a lot of energy. Tonight our bench wasn’t as good as they’ve been.

Avery Johnson

Deron got trapped like he was getting most of the fourth quarter, and Humphries didn’t turn and look for the ball, and the ball got away from us.

Avery Johnson, on the final play

We didn’t really execute well down the stretch. It’s the same way two days ago when we lost. It felt like we had the game, and get another one slip away. … We spent a lot of energy trying to fight back, got the lead, we just need to finish.

MarShon Brooks

We were down 3, we needed a 3, obviously I should’ve rolled regardless. I thought he was going to put it up, but I’ll take responsibility for that. We were out of timeouts, but if I’d rolled I would’ve been wide open. That one’s on me.

Kris Humphries, on the final play

He got a really good looks, dunk looks (laughs). When we play against a guy like Jamison, who’s on the perimeter, it puts us in a different rotation, and he was the recipient of us not doing what we have to do in that rotation.

Kris Humphries, on Tristan Thompson

Offensive rebounds destroyed us tonight. We gave them too many second chance opportunities (Note: The Cavaliers had 26 second-chance points). When you give any team 21 offensive rebounds, they’re going to beat you no matter what goes right for you. I guess their bigs wanted the ball better than our bigs did.

Gerald Wallace, on rebounding

There are still some situations where they call plays and you can hear Coach Johnson frm the bench yelling at me to go here or there and to do this. It is difficult for me because as soon as I learn the plays from the 3, coach throws me in the 4 and I can’t figure out when and where to go.

Gerald Wallace

Nobody wants to lose, especially the way we lost.

Gerald Wallace