Carmelo Anthony Monday Morning Thread

Update #5 – Still no deal, and Denver is still holding out that the Bulls will offer Joakim Noah or the Clippers Blake Griffin, but Ken Berger of CBS, who is suddenly getting out ahead on this story is reporting that ‘Melo is threatening to hold out of the Nuggets’ media day today if something doesn’t get finalized. Meanwhile, Nets minority owner Jay-Z, reportedly had a sitdown with World Wide Wes in order to pave Anthony’s arrival to New Jersey.

UPDATE #4 – Now, apparently Carmelo is having second thoughts on a deal to the Nets. According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojonarowski, despite new ownership and a new arena, ‘Melo is getting spooked by conversations with former Nets players who say the franchise is in the shadow of the Knicks. The Knicks are trying to swoop in in the 11th hour here and make a deal happen around Danilo Galinari, Anthony Randolph, Toney Douglas and somebody’s draft picks, Woj reports.

UPDATE #3 – Apparently the Nuggets are delaying the deal, and making sure they have the best possible offer according to Sam Amick of AOL Fanhouse:

But according to two sources close to the situation, the Nuggets — who stand to acquire Nets rookie forward Derrick Favors, Utah forwardAndrei Kirilenko and two first-round draft picks from New Jersey in the deal — are compromising the trade with their slow-moving ways.

UPDATE #2 – Stefan Bondy’s source says that Carmelo has agreed to the deal:

Reliable source: Carmelo has approved the deal to the Nets.

Also, it could be done as soon as tomorrow:

The deal could go down as early as tomorrow.

UPDATE #1 – According to Stein, the deal either gets done Monday, or doesn’t happen at all:

Sources said negotiations were expected to continue through the weekend, with a target of completing the deal by Monday.

“It either happens by Monday,” one source said, “or the deal falls apart.”

One source close to Anthony told on Friday afternoon that the 26-year-old — whose top two preferred destinations are New York and Chicago — is warming to the idea of joining the Nets, whose planned move to Brooklyn in two years under Russian billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov is a strong lure, in addition the presence of center Brook Lopez, one of the league’s top young big men.

Hey guys, just got back from Media Day, and will have something up on that shortly.  Obviously you guys have heard the rumors by now, so we aren’t breaking any news or anything, but apparently there are rumors of a four team deal that would land Carmelo with the Nets, Devin Harris with the Bobcats, and Derrick Favors to the Nuggets.  From the looks of it (and I could be mistaken) but the Nets don’t seem to be the team giving up picks here.

A couple thoughts.  First, at Media Day Avery talked about Terrence playing both the SG and PG positions this year.  This was obviously before the rumors broke (I didn’t hear about this until I was in my car on my way home), but this tells you that the front office and the coaching staff would be comfortable with Farmar starting and Williams backing him up.

Also, we have been given the rare opportunity of seeing two proposed deals come out in the media.  The first was Favors, picks, and a mess of expiring contracts and this newest one is Devin and Favors.  Both net the same result, Carmelo Anthony.  Now, I have no idea who shot down the first deal and who is really pushing for this second one, but it does seem that the Nets favor their picks and cap space more that Devin Harris at that point (again, I could be way off here).

This is your open thread guys, and you can talk about the rumors here all weekend.  We will update it here if we hear of any other rumors, but unless something definite goes down, we aren’t going to dedicate a new post to it.  So get your Carmelo talk in here, and be on the lookout for some media day stuff coming up shortly.