Can We Still Get Blake Griffin?

There is a chance. It is a small chance (I would say it is worse than our chances of getting the top pick three days ago), but there is a chance.

Don’t give me that look.  I am not completly crazy.  Check out this report from HoopsHype via The Sacramento Bee:

“One league source on Wednesday even indicated the seemingly unthinkable, that the Clippers would be willing to trade the top pick – which they have already confirmed would be Griffin – for the right package.”

The right package.  That is an interesting phrase.  Is it expiring contracts?  Is it picks?  Is it a proven youngish player?  

Who knows really, it is interesting to note that the Nets have three first round picks in the next two drafts.  What if we approach the Clippers, tell them we are willing to take Zach Randolph’s contract off their hands, give them an expiring contract in return (Bobby Simmons), and then give them all three of our first round picks.  Would the Clippers accept?  I mean, they are the Clippers, so who knows. 

Let’s say the Clippers accept this offer?  Is Blake Griffin worth mortgaging our future?  I say yes.  The Nets are a Blake Griffin away from making the playoffs, and if we make the playoffs our pick next year wouldn’t even be that high anyway.  So I say Rod Thorn needs to call up the Clippers and offer them this deal.  Who knows, they might accept.

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