Can ‘Melo Be Had Without Giving Up Favors

It’s a concept that’s been brandied about since the Terrence Williams trade – that the Nets could just drop off a ton of picks on Masai Ujiri’s doorstep and get away with bringing Carmelo Anthony into the fold while keeping Derrick Favors. The thing is, this idea seemed to be more of the idea of Nets fans, who want their cake and eat it too. However, in this morning’s Denver Post, Woody Paige makes it sound like it’s a legit option:

The Nets now have a potential five first-round choices in the next three drafts — and seem more and more inclined each passing day to give up three No. 1s — or at least two and a player drafted No. 3 this year (Derrick Favors) — in return for Melo.

I would say a thousand times yes to the prospects of getting ‘Melo and keeping Favors. Maybe Favors doesn’t end up a superstar, but he’s already progressing at a faster pace than I think many expected. Most importantly, he’s not a liability on the court right now, and that’s half the battle right there.