Bucks-Nets, 7:30 P.M. — Pregame Open Thread

This photo is mildly terrifying.

Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks (17-24) travel into town to take on the Nets (14-28). A statistical breakdown, in lieu of a 3-on-3:

Basic Advanced

Offensive Rating: Nets 103.8 (16th), Bucks 103.9 (15th)
Defensive Rating: Nets 111.0 (30th), Bucks 106.2 (26th)
Pace: Nets 89.2 (28th), Bucks 92.5 (7th)

Four Factors

eFG%: Nets .479 (17th), Bucks .467 (24th)
TOV%: Nets .148 (25th), Bucks .131 (4th)
ORB%: Nets .286 (9th), Bucks .284 (10th)
FT/FGA: Nets .215 (11th), Bucks .200 (18th)

Defensive Four Factors

Opp. eFG%: Nets .519 (30th), Bucks .496 (22nd)
Opp. TOV%: Nets .136 (20th), Bucks .150 (4th)
DRB%: Nets .697 (28th), Bucks .692 (30th)
Opp. FT/FGA: Nets .216 (13th), Bucks .217 (17th)

Last time: In Brook Lopez’s first return to action, Ersan Ilyasova singlehandedly dismantled the Nets frontcourt, putting up 29 points and grabbing 25 rebounds — 13 offensive — in 36 minutes, leading the Bucks to a 92-85 victory. The Nets shot just 5-23 from outside. Ilyasova leads the Bucks in Player Efficiency Rating (20.3), ranks eighth in the league in rebound percentage, and just won the Eastern Conference Player of the Week Award.

Most recently: The Bucks are on a two-game winning streak, defeating the Knicks on Friday and the Raptors Sunday. Their last four games have all been decided by six points or less.

What to expect: The Bucks are particularly good at defending in the post — they allow the fifth-lowest shooting percentage at the rim and the fourth-fewest points per possession in the post — which is good for the Nets, since they don’t really post without Brook Lopez anyway. Expect a lot of pick-and-rolls and isolations from New Jersey even without Deron Williams, and a lot of spot-up shooting by Milwaukee.