Bucks met with Kidd Friday, Nets want first-rounder from Milwaukee

The Nets won’t give up Jason Kidd without a fight… or at least a replenishing of their depleted stock of first-round draft picks.

According to a report by NetsDaily corroborated by Marc Stein of ESPN, the Nets remain steadfast in their desire to hold Jason Kidd at bay from breaking his contract without at least a first-round draft pick in return from the Milwaukee Bucks:

According to Charles Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal-Setinel, the Bucks met with Kidd Friday in New York after the draft, and are only offering him a coaching position:

This jibes with the idea that Kidd wants a front-office spot, and an earlier unconfirmed report that Kidd has been offered a job as Bucks president. But given how the Nets won’t welcome Kidd back, he may need to take any position he can get.