Bucher/Ford: Nets Seek Resolution on Dwight Today

Update: Some updates from Woj regarding Brook Lopez. This is in a series of tweets.

After spending most of Tuesday negotiating with Rockets and Lakers, Orlando has re-engaged Brooklyn today. To be clear on Magic, they remain in talks with several teams, including Nets, Rockets, Lakers and assuredly more. Brooklyn’s fully guaranteed the first 4 years, $58M of a max deal offer for Brook Lopez. This is Brooklyn’s way to stave off Lopez signing an offer sheet elsewhere, and crushing a sign-and-trade possibility for Dwight Howard. The Nets can have more flexibility with the guarantees on a 5th year of a max deal, because no team can offer Lopez more than four years. To keep alive chances to get Howard, Billy King can’t let Lopez sign sheet. Nor can he let him walk if Nets don’t DH. Has to pay Lopez. There’s a window Nets can still deal Lopez in sign-and-trade to Magic today, but it’s closing fast. Doubt they’ll drag this into Thursday.


As reported by both Chad Ford and Ric Bucher from ESPN, the Nets have told Orlando they need closure on the Dwight Howard trade by the end of today.

And by closure, they mean deal or no deal.

Bucher reported the story first:


Here is Bucher’s story.

My take: FINALLY. No matter what happens today, the Nets should hold their head high. They probably had the best free agency in the NBA and will be a legitimate playoff team next season. Brook Lopez is an excellent consolation prize if things don’t work out.

Hopefully, the Nets stand true to their word and end this madness today.